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          Company Profile

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          • Address:No.369, Baoan Highway, Shanghai 201906, China
          • Tel:+86-21-36042828
          • Fax:+86-21-36042888
          • Email:sales@doublegull.com


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          Shanghai Doublegull Textile Co., Ltd. is a professional private manufacturer, optimizing from Shanghai Qian Wei Interlining Factory, with 30 years development in textile field. Now Doublegull is starting its next 30 years business.

          Doublegull is the only bleaching and dyeing factory located in Shanghai, specializing in woven interlining, esp shirt interlining with global reputation, bleached percale and reactive printed bedding fabrics.

          There are two registered trademarks, “DOUBLEGULL” and “QIANWEI” with certificates of ISO 9001:2008; ISO14001:2004; safety production, cleaner production as well as the rights of self-managed imp & exp. And it is well -located in Shanghai Industrial Park of Robotics with excellent geographical position.

          Youthful DOUBLEGULL is shouldering the great mission of “excellent management, generational DOUBLEGULL”. Faced with ever-changing market, we hold the promotion aim of “quality, cost, service”, and continue to update enterprise’s philosophy, learn the success experience from peer companies meanwhile to deepen good relationship with customers.

          Wishes to have sincere cooperation you!

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