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          11th-13th Oct 2016 China International Trade fair for Apparel Fabrics and Accessories


          TIME: 11th-13th Oct 2016

          PLACE: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

          BOOTH NO.: 4.1M26


          DOUBLEGULL sales team attended the Intertextile Fair Autumn.

          "China international textile fabrics, home textiles and accessories exhibition" (interTEXTILE) was founded in 1995, the origin and market positioning Exposition Based on the concept of two aspects: one is the demand for development of new Chinese garment industry, high-grade fabrics and garment industry to further improve and upgrade requirements; two is the home textiles Chinese especially decorated with broad prospects for development of the booming industry and the textile market.

          In order to promote the development of China textile industry and textile market prosperity, enhance exchanges and cooperation in the textile industry of international trade and economic technology, Chinese international textile industry branch of CCPIT and Germany Frankfurt exhibition company decided to co organized textile fabric and home textile products in the international trade fair Chinese. Exhibits categories are mainly divided into three categories: one is the clothing fabric and accessories; two are all kinds of indoor decorative fabric; three is home textiles.
          China international textile fabrics and accessories (Qiu Dong) fair since its inception, the exhibition area of 4000 square meters from 1995 the first session of the year to expand to 175020 square meters in 2013 nineteenth, exhibitors from 12 countries and regions in the first 100 to more than 35 countries and regions in 2013 increased to more than 3 thousand and 750. These growth figures show a development, it means that the domestic outreach to the show's depth of recognition. As the world's largest professional fabric exhibition, the 20 year of Intertextile fabric exhibition has witnessed the rapid development of China's textile and garment industry.
          At present, the major domestic textile accessories manufacturing enterprises are the annual China international textile fabrics and accessories (autumn and winter) fair as the most important business activities and product release important platform. At the same time, overseas garment manufacturers will also be regarded as the most vigorous and promising textile fabric exhibition exhibition Intertextile, Germany, Britain, Spain, Portugal, Italy and other countries of the exhibitors each to form Pavilion exhibitors, with exhibition platform to actively expand the global market. Large scale exhibition on display, exhibits a superb collection of beautiful things, more attracted from all over the world clothing brand and trade company to visit and purchase.

          Each Expo held during the exhibition, in addition to the scene and negotiate the normal, there is a series of technical exchanges will be rich and colorful, which includes the related products in the latest international fashion trend and new product introduction and Fair Organizing Committee of the organization of the relevant industry, market and trade policies and other aspects of the lecture.

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